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KKBOX Line Chatbot is a Line chatbot that helps you find music information from KKBOX Open API. The chatbot has integrated the OLAMI NLP module, which makes the chatbot actually understands what you said, instead of just keyword-matching searching. Common examples are as follows:

  • 我要聽輕鬆的歌
  • 我要聽蘇打綠的歌
  • 我要聽周杰倫
  • 我要聽漂向北方
  • 來首搖滾

Sketch Plugin

KKBOX Open API Sketch Plug-in brings the power of KKBOX Open API to Sketch, your favorite design tool.

The plug-in helps you to import design materials frequently used for designers at KKBOX, such as metadata and images for songs, albums, artists and playlists, without leaving Sketch.

The plug-in saves your time while doing a new app / web layout design, since you do not need to open a web browser to visit KKBOX's web site to collect these materials.

KUBE - The Reimaged Playlist Portal

If you are an Apple Music or Spotify member, this App can help you to match songs from Apple Music/Spotify to KKBOX, allowing you to use the service you have paid to play playlists from KKBOX. Contains rankings, various types of playlist such as sports/concerts. Alternatively, you can use the corresponding YouTube video to play the song.

The Web version of KUBE is similar to the App version but just can play songs by YouTube. Even so, because you can listen to music on the web page, it is very convenient when working on a computer.

Smart Player for Android

A voice control music player app that was integrated with KKBOX Open API, widget player and Google Speech services (Android SpeechRecognizer).

Updated about a year ago

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